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What you should do when faced with workplace harassment or discrimination


What you should do when faced with workplace harassment or discrimination

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What should an employee do when when faced with harassment or discrimination at work?

Christman, Kelley & Clarke recommends that an employee who is faced with harassment or discrimination do the following:

1. Tell the person to stop, both verbally and in writing. It is always very important to have evidence of your communications with your employer.

2. Review the company personnel policy manual if one exists. This will tell you how the company wants you to deal with complaints. You should follow the procedure and any time limits set out in that policy. If your company has designated certain staff to receive sexual harassment complaints, that is where you should bring your complaint.

3. If your company has no procedure, speak with your immediate supervisor about the harassment. If your supervisor has been harassing you, make your complaint to the supervisor’s superior.

4. Make sure that management knows of the harassment.

5. Document your complaints. You should note the date and time, the name and title of the person to whom the complaint was made and the response.  Save your electronic evidence.  Read more about that topic HERE.

6. If the harassment or discrimination continues, you should seek the advice of competent employment lawyers such as Christman Kelley & Clarke.

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